WAP Mobile Website Design

Browsing the Web from a mobile device continues to rise. Market research experts are speculating that mobile web browsing might become the next dominant Internet platform. Google, Microsoft, Apple (iPhone), Nokia, Blackberry, Android etc. have recognized the potential of this market and are making great efforts to promote mobile websites, applications and mcommerce to users.

For these reasons, having a WAP friendly website will be a necessity rather than a corporate website. WAP friendly website requires a slightly different approach of designing, compared to the conventional Internet site for the PC.

A new top-level domain name, .mobi, has been launched to encourage and organize the development of websites that are compatible with mobile phone browsers.

We provides this technology service to such companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to create mobile websites and make use of the benefits by adopting this exciting new technology before their competitors do. Start the process to get your mobile website done with us.


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