Website Maintenance

We are providing 1 year FREE maintenance to all of our customers.After this period, we will continue maintaining your website on monthly/yearly basis.

Frequent Maintenance may be requiredby the businesses that need to keep their website information up-to-date. Well, keeping your website more informative and updated in time would always bring an active feel to the customers and it shows your business depth & volume. So we can offer / refer this website maintenance service upon request / indeed. You can e-mail your updates, and our team will work for you to keep it updated.

We are also providing CMS web pages, which you can manage yourself lifelong without our help. We train you to use the tool to make changes and are preferred for the customers who would like to handle their website updates themselves. Unlike static web pages, the initial cost of creating CMS pages could be a bit higher, but you can avoid the website maintenance cost. No more confusion, our team guides you to the option which suits better to your business.

All daily/monthly/yearly maintenance will be charged only at the end of each year as one time cost, instead of charging separately for each time. Cost of maintenance would differ based upon the volume of work.


Add-On: Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a very successful communication medium for your business and an essential component of modern online marketing strategies.

Add-On: Business Blog

Blogs are the necessary add-on to your corporate website to increase the visibility of your brand online and SE ranking....